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If someone really wants to make a Jugaadu film, one shouldn’t go overboard when thinking of a script – Nijo Jonson

Nijo Jonson PDT GyaanDuu stagephod

PDT GyANDUu is a series of comical social short films created by team PDT. The team PDT have managed to clock 8 million hits with just 3-4 films with a span of 4-5 months. Read on to know the story and jugaads behind the scenes.

Tell us about you and your team (if you have) in brief

Nijo Jonson (Director/Producer/Script writer/Editor) started his career as a travel consultant in an airlines company. After working for few year he decided to quit the job and follow his dream of film making. He saved some money and immediately joined a film school. Before completing his course he got an offer to co write a screenplay in a south Indian film. From then its no looking back.

Rohit R Gaba (Director/Producer) started his career assisting directors like Danny Boyle, Subhash Ghai,Ramesh Sippy etc. After working for few years, he met Nijo in a film. They were in same college and were part of same art and culture association, but they hardly ever talked. Both of them developed a good rapport among themselves and during the shoot they decided to set up a company independently. Within few months Purani Dili Talkies was set up.

Kartik Thapliyal, a cinematography student from Delhi based film school, is the DOP for PDT. He has assisted a lot of DOP’s in the film industry and now works independently. He has been working with PDT since the time PDT started and is a major part of PDT’s team and is responsible for the beautiful visuals in our films.

Vipinn Peter is the Executive Producer and Business Manager for PDT. He handles all the production stuff and manages business for our Production house. Without going to any Film school and and film background, Peter handles the most important job in a shoot, which makes PDT’s shoot go smoothly.

Siddharth Parashar (Music Director) from Bhopal is the man behind the music for all PDT’s films. The best part is that we have only met him twice in 4 years and we get our work done on phone and mostly his first draft of music is what we use for our films as he knows what we want. That’s the kind of chemistry PDT has with him.

Dev Xaikia (Line Producer and Fashion Photographer) works as a line producer for our short films and handles production work with Peter. And he handles and does Photo Shoots for PDT. He is even a member of World Photography Organisation and Photographers Guild Of India.

Shiva Sharmaa (Associate to DOP/second unit cameraman) has been working with PDT from the past 3.5 years and is one of the early member to join PDT. Didn’t go to any film school and learnt using camera on the job and is trained by our DOP Kartik Thapliyal. He has come quite in 3 years and now handles our second unit or second camera during multi cam shoots.

Harish Sharmaa works as a Chief assistant director in PDT and is part of the films from pre production stage. Works as a freelancer with different directors too but prioritise PDT than other production houses.

Pavan Rawat also works as a First assistant director and handles the set on our shoots. He joined PDT 2 years back after finishing his film studies from Delhi.

Monty Bisht joined PDT few months back and works as a Camera Assistant under Kartik and even assists Dev for our photography shoots.

Santosh Rawat is PDT’s Make up Artist and Hair stylist and manages PDT’s photo studio. He used to train people in Lakme and Looks but had an interest in the creative field, so left his job and chose to work in Bombay for commercials and films. Lately, he joined PDT and is now a permanent team member.

Nijo Jonson-PDT GyaanDu-stagephod

How did you come up with the idea of this particular short film?

PDT always try to experiment on scripts and try to give something different to the audience. Nijo came up with the idea of the PDT GyANDUu series. We just didn’t want to make a simple social message delivering film, but wanted something different. Because we realised, that even if you want to make people aware of stuff, you have to take them through a different route. So we decided to keep our films comical and we convey the message with humour so that people relate to it and the film remains in their mind.

What all prominent “Jugaads” did you do to make the film with minimal resources?

Doing Jugaad for your low budget films also require creativity. First one has to come with a script which doesn’t have exotic location or too many locations. We try to keep our films in one location and less artists and try to convey our story through them. We chose a location which we got for free. Only used properties which are used in day to day life so that we get those things from our homes without buying them. We have our own cameras and lights and lastly, the actors in our films are our close friends, so no acting fees.

Nijo Jonson PDT GyaanDu-stagephod

What recognition did you get for this short film?

We got more that 8 million views with 3 films in the span of 4 months and all our films were Youtube no. 1 trending videos. One of film ‘WTF- Waat The Fart’ was premiered in NDTV and had articles in newspapers.

What advice will you give to new / aspiring film-makers on making a low budget film?

If someone really wants to make a Jugaadu film, one shouldn’t go overboard when thinking of a script. He/She should think of something which they can control. A good film maker can also be very creative and can come with a good script which is confined in just one room and two actors. Try to make their friends and family members act in their films, which will reduce a lot of cost and one can easily handle them. A film maker should at least invest in a camera and basic LED lights so that they don’t have to rent it again and again. its a one time investment. One can always make a good script in low budget, its just about belief in yourself and last but very important, gather a good team, because even if the script is good, a film won’t turn out good without good and honest people working in a team.

Nijo-Jonson-stagephod Purani Dilli Talkies

Link to the videos

WTf- Waat The fart –

Proud Rapist –

Size is 36C –

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