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Inviting content strategist to join Stagephod


Content marketing is backbone of every internet startup. Having said that, more than 99% of the content on internet is unreadable (read useless). It is either copied or verbose or non informative or target audience does not relate to it. It was just written for the sake of it and without any thought process involved.

Well, What are we looking for

We are inviting a content strategist to come on board who can do end to end activities. Worked in a startup scenario in past would be an added advantage. As we are the first dedicated marketplace to hire video makers in India,  there is no content written on video and video marketing in Indian context earlier. So there is lot of scope of generating quality content around these topics. For example – Topics could be

  • What should be your approach to create a viral video in India
  • How successful Indian startups have leveraged power of video
  • How videos boost these Indian startups at their early stage

What you will get

  1. Complete creative freedom to execute your plans.
  2. Steep learning curve – We will create text/ image/ video content. It is totally upto you how fast you can move from one form to another and how fast you master all the forms
  3. Salary less than market standard. We are a bootstrapped startup. All the people working for us are doing it because they are passionate about this space. They take salary so that they can bear their monthly expense and not to pay their loans.
  4. Equity/ ESOPs

What we are not looking for?

  • A content writer who just wants to write content on topics given by us.
  • A person who is looking to join a startup for learning but does not want to forgo a proper salary in return for that (for some time)

Who we are looking for?

  • An ex-entrepreneur who has an inclination towards content creation, or
  • A content creator who has an entrepreneurial bent of mind, or
  • A video maker who can share his knowledge in form of different type of content, or
  • A startup employee who wants to contribute content strategy and other things, or
  • A passionate guy who has interest in any of these – startups/ content/ video/ marketing and willing to learn at fast pace

What is a good content?

  • It should not just give gyaan but it should have insights. Generally insights come from experience and observation. If the insights are actionable, it is even better.
  • People (target audience) should relate to it and like to consume it.
  • Last but not least there is no definition of a good content 🙂

What is content marketing

Content marketing is done to improve SEO. You write content for keywords you are targeting. Searchers will come to your website via that content and they come to know about your services. Well above concept is a thing of past.

The purpose is to educate your clients/ users about the services/ products and space you are working in. For that you basically share your learning/ experience to educate your audience in an interesting way. It does help in SEO as well and above concept is not entirely thing of past 🙂

What is content strategy

  • Knowledge acquisition – Its starts with gaining knowledge about the space you will write, who is your target audience, what type of content they will like/ share
  • Research – Do a thorough research what type of content has already been written. Has the target audience liked it? What are the gaps?
  • Strategy – what type of content needs to be written and in which way. It could be informative, just for fun, sharing the learning/ experience etc.
  • Writing – You then execute your plans
  • Distribution – You then submit your content to relevant forums, facebook groups, blogs etc.
  • Monitoring – Monitor the results, observe the reaction, take feedback and improve.

Stagephod is a dedicated market place to find and hire a video maker. Currently 200+ filmmakers are associated with it and 100+ clients including Snapdeal, Commonfloor, MySmartprice, CashKaro, Toppr are using the platform. It is founded by 2 passionate entrepreneurs – Akhil Gupta and Nikhilesh Tayal. You can read the story of Stagephod and read what media is writing about it.

Selection process

Our standard selection process includes a trial period of 7 days which we call ‘Live In’. The idea is to work together for sometime in order to understand each other, gauge compatibility, see each other’s working style. So that we can take an informed decision at the end of it. Please note that the idea is not to get work done from candidate for free (as it will not make us a billion dollar company).

If interested, please send an email at ntayal(at) with your thoughts on, this space in general, your suggestions (if any), your previous work etc. We can then have a telephonic conversation to start with

One thing we ensure you that if you join us, your life will change completely for good. We understand the difference between an employer and a landlord 🙂

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