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Just watch a lot of movies. That’s the best method to get you equipped – Joydip Banerjee

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Joydip Banerjee who wanted to be a footballer but ended up being a filmmaker. Read on to know more about this versatile personality.

Tell us about your life journey in brief?
Basically, I wanted to be a football player at first. However, when I was in the 4th standard, a bike accident changed the course of my life and prompted me to devote more of my time to books. This helped me in two ways. I became a topper since then and at the same time developed a knack for stories, novels and later in my life, poetry. During the days of my high school, I often dreamt about being a poet by passion and a teacher by profession.
Then came, my turbulent college days and I was stuck in student politics which took a severe toll on my studies. So, in order to prove my worth to my folks and more importantly, myself, I started appearing for competitive exams right away and soon bagged a lot of them.
Only after I got a secure job and a lot of free time, I thought about film making. I used to write dubbing scripts and censor scripts since my college days in order to earn my pocket money. Now I thought about utilizing my acquired skills and set up a production house (69 Creative Entertainment) with 3 of my like-minded friends. Till now we have made 2 short films (which i directed with a partner) and a soon to be released mainstream feature film (in which I wrote the screenplay, dialogue and lyrics and assisted the director). Work is on for our next short film which we plan to shoot very soon. Apart from this I also work as a freelance copywriter for an ad agency. I do a little bit of Theater as well, but that is mainly in order to know more about the craft of acting.

What prompted you to become a filmmaker?
Sheer love and passion for the magic of motion pictures prompted me to make them. Honestly speaking, nothing else mattered.

with DOP Somenath and Editor Sugriv

Tell us about your team, if you have?
Yes I do have a team. There is A) Sugriv gayen- my co director and editor. B) Somenath Chatterjee – my DOP C) Shantajit Chatterjee – composer and sound Engineer.D) Proma banerjee – Script Supervisor & Costume Designer E) Deepashree banerjee – Asistant Director and F) Debmalya & Soumya – Executive producer cum production co-ordinator cum manager. I have worked with them in the past and wish to work with them in the future as well.

How many/ what kind of movies have you made?
List of movies:
Manihara- The movie, (Feature): (Screenplay/Dialogue/Lyrics writer) A psycho analytical thriller, a dark tale of love, lust and betrayal.
Abani valo acho- (Short): (Screenplay/ Direction) an edgy thriller with a delightfully twisted climax.
What a Wonderful World, (Short): (Screenplay / Direction) A simple tale of friendship between a street child and his radio.
Black comedy is my favorite genre. I also like thrillers and coming of age dramas.

Joydip Banerjee-stagephod

What are your dreams/ vision?
Movies are my dream and I just wish to keep making movies. Apart from this, the Bengali regional industry is currently in a very sorry state. I dream of a situation when a lot of people will go back to the theatres to catch a Bengali movie again and I will be making a lot of them.

What difficulties do you face as an independent filmmaker?
First and foremost is the difficulty with money, of course. In order to make a short film, we have to invest our own money which never comes back. We can just send it to some festivals (most of them ask for an entry fee) and hope that it wins.
with bengali superstar Chiranjit during making of feature film manihara

What inspires you or keeps you going?
The passion for cinema keeps me going, nothing else. Whenever I watch something good, I think to myself, ‘Oh… why can’t I think of something like this’. This frustration and jealousy motivates me.

Any fun/ memorable incident?
A lot of them happened actually. But it will take a lot of time and space.

Joydip Banerjee stagephod

What advice would you like to give to someone who is interested/ newbee in filmmaking?
My only advice to anyone is just watch a lot of movies. That’s the best method to get you equipped. Just Google the name of the best directors and find out the names of their movies and watch them all, without a hesitation.

Anything else you’d like to share?
Nothing else, I just want to say Thank you.


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