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7 things you must know if you are making a Kickstarter video

Kickstarter video is playing an important role these days and has become the prime place to get funds for your project. The beauty of this is that it removes all sorts of middlemen and gives you independence about your project. We live in a visual society and video works for a lot of reasons. With engaging and well-executed, you can stand out from the crowd.

We have covered 5 common mistakes to avoid while creating a video for your business. You can read this awesome piece to get more insight.


Brilliant research

Make sure you do a comprehensive research before you begin working on your Kickstarter video. Watch as many Kickstarter videos as you can so that you can make your video exciting and engaging for viewers. Don’t forget to add in the video what is unique about the solution you are providing.

Important 10 seconds

The best way to make an amazing video is to make it interesting right from the beginning. You have just 10 seconds to capture their attention as they will get distracted with other digital competitors. Show the best part of your video in the first 10 seconds of your video to get them conceded with your other specifics.

Awesome script

Make sure the script of your video covers everything how the idea came, why the project is important, include all the important things your product will solve and why your startup will be successful. Include everything in your video and get feedbacks from your friends and family members. Spend the right amount of your time perfecting the script writing process.

Short and to-the-point

Do not brag about you and your company in the video. The video should not be more than 3-4 minutes and should be so exciting that urges the audience to find more about you. Shorter videos have a much higher chance of getting the viewer’s attention.

Location matters

It is not necessary that you shoot your Kickstarter video in your garage only, if you are working on some specialized product, then any professional environment will work. Do not make a mistake of overlooking location for the groundless facts as viewers are taking note of your background as well while watching a video. So, the location you choose should make an impact.

Be Genuine

This is the most important part as people are not just funding your project but funding you as well and that acmes the reliability factor. It is not just about telling your name and what you want but more about getting connected with them in a right tone. It’s not the data that will convince people to fund you but seeing you, your hard work and how passionate you are in living your dream will convince them.

Ask for funds politely

The last and the most important part of the video where you need to very clear and focused about it. Try to portray this part by twisting what they will be getting after funding you and not what you want. The primary aim of crowdfunded project is to raise money and there is no point in shying away from that. Make it clear else you will miss a huge opportunity.

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