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Learn to be patient and give it some time before you can go all out – Tech Retards

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Being a top production house and being known for quality work is what team Tech Retards strives for. Read on to know more about how they plan their journey!

Tell us about your life journey in brief?
Our journey till now has been a memorable ride full of twists and turns. Tech Retards was formed in a very uncanny way, somehow one thing led to another, and it became more than just a hobby for us. We have brought together a team of hard working individuals who solely believe in a collective effort, to deliver an endearing and heart touching video graphic message.

What prompted you to start Tech Retards?
An urge to create visual content with a satirical take on different issues, was what led to the formation of Tech Retards. ‘Social Media’ has been a pioneer in enabling people to raise their voice against the things they’ve found unjust in the society. Using the same platform, we have always attempted to create content with a difference.


Tell us about your team, if you have?
The creative brains of our team comprises of five people. Vishwajeet Singh is our Content Writer and a part time actor as well; he has also directed a few short films and assisted in directing a few short videos for us. Rishabh Changra is the Creative Director of most of our short films and videos. He is the editorial visionary behind our videos as well. G Abhishek is also a Creative Director for our content and responsible for the way our ideas look on screen. He is assisted in this task by our actor cum Screenplay Writer, Shubham Sharma who is a real talented chap with a good personality. Yogesh Arora looks after the art direction and technical aspects of our videos.

Apart from these five people, Konark Sharma is the guy who looks after the business and the marketing end of our production team.

What are your dreams/ visions?
We at Tech Retards, always strive to create something unique and uncanny. Content which sensitizes and awakens our viewers towards the frailties present in our society is our ever present aim. Besides that, we want to reach more people. No matter how good you are, without the right audience, a production unit cannot be a success. Marketability is something which can take you places. Looking at the bigger picture, becoming a top production house and being known for the quality of our work is something we want for us.

Tech Retards Productions stagephod

What difficulties do you face in making the videos/ running your group?
We lack the monetary funds to bring out our concepts on screen the way we actually want them to. The right cinematic equipment is something we can’t really afford. Generating revenue and increasing our reach is something for which we need money too. Apart from this, there are other personal problems too which do hamper our productivity.

Who/ What inspires you or keeps you going?
Anybody, actually! In the present scenario, with social media becoming a bigger and bigger platform each day, you can actually draw inspiration from anybody who is constantly doing his bit to bring about a change in the society. If we had to name anybody in particular from our Indian film industry it would surely be Mr. Anurag Kashyap. For us he is the idol. Someone, who is taking Bollywood to an altogether different level, on a lighter note, we have also made a short film named ‘Filam Project’, which is sort of dedicated to Anurag Kashyap. In Hollywood, Nolan, Martin Scorsese and David Fincher are the people we draw inspiration from. We dream to be as good or rather nearly half as good as these people are.


What are your future plans with respect to your channel/ group?
Retaining maximum members of our production unit will be one of our primary objectives in the next tenure of our regime. Generating more revenue is surely an expectation. Making it big in the larger scheme of things is a goal we work on everyday.

Any fun/ memorable incident?
Actually, quite recently we were working on a short video wherein we required a shot with a buffalo. It was surprising, how a seemingly easy task which we supposed, wouldn’t take much time, took an entire day of shooting.  We had to tolerate all the tantrums of the buffalo in order to get the right shot we wanted.

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What advice would you like to give to someone who is interested in starting a YouTube channel or starting on his own?
Firstly, you should work on developing your own style, something which separates you from others. Once you’ve got this part figured out, marketability is something each aspiring You Tuber should plan and think about during the initiation of his\her channel. 

Anything else you’d like to share?
Executing your ideas exactly the same way you planned would surely be a problem during the initial stages of filming; in fact for us it still continues to be an issue. You’ll have to learn to be patient and give it some time before you can go all out with your ideas.


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