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Making a film on zero budget or low budget provides a filmmaker the opportunity for making the best of the worst – Kiran R


Read on to know how Kiran R made a short film The Hack in 6 months and in Rs. 3ooo. 

Tell us about you and your team (if you have) in brief?
For my films so far, I have been casting my close friends. Apart from that, I do pretty much everything, writing, camera handling, direction, edit, subtitles, VFX, sound handling, etc. My film’s music is composed by a musician friend. I’m very particular about the overall film quality, so I never compromise on anything. My film, The Hack, took me over 3 months, just with the post production, because of the amount of work involved in it and the detailing that I wanted it to achieve. The aim was to make a film which doesn’t look like a zero budget film on any aspect. Though we did spend about 3000 in dubbing which is always a necessity for good quality.

How did you come up with the idea of this particular short film?

I wanted to make a short film to know whether I could make a feature length film, keeping the audience engaged for 40 minutes. It’s the kind of a dream that every filmmaker has, to make a full length feature film. Talking about the idea, it was a script that was written keeping in mind, the resources that I could access, my friend’s car, their house, their street and the like. I structured the screenplay and the scenes based on all that I could access without the need for spending on anything.

Storyboard2 Storyboard1

What all prominent “Jugaads” did you do to make the film with minimal resources?

Like I said, utilising resources within my reach and making a screenplay out of it was the “Jugaad”.  Other than that, we tried faking a building to be something else, creating an environment through sounds, a few camera manipulations and a few cheat tricks here and there.

What recognition did you get for this short film?

It was screened in Germany at the 11th Indian Film Festival Stuttgart, among big production house films, Bangalore Shorts Film Festival where it won Best Film (Jury), screenings at Delhi International Film Festival, Chennai Women’s International Film Festival (General Category). And the most recent,, Surabi Short Film Festival in Chennai where it won 2 more awards.


What advice will you give new / aspiring film-makers on making a low budget film?

Short films are meant for experimentation, not borrowing or imitating your favorite movie. And making a film on zero budget or low budget provides a filmmaker the opportunity for making the best of the worst.

Link to the short film


If you are a filmmaker who has made a film with minimal resources and with lots of Jugaads and want to share your film, submit it here.

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