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More than money we need audience. There are so many good independent films but very few audience – Sanjib Nath


Sanjib Nath quit his decade long computer engineer’s job to pursue his passion and his dream is that Indie films should be equally treated as mainstream films. Read on to know more about him.

Tell us about your life journey in brief?

I had played my role as a computer engineer for more than a decade after completing MCA from Jadavpur University. In parallel I continued nourishing my passion through theatre practice, short film making. Recently I got enough push from my passion to quit job and live a real life 🙂

What prompted you to become a filmmaker?

I have so many stories to tell. And my obsession for audio visual medium is there with me from the beginning.


Tell us about your team, if you have?

All people around me are my team members, each one of them is helping me in some or the other way possible. Seriously, I mean it. It’s like open source project, everybody wants to contribute!

How many/ What kind of movies you have made?

So far I have made eight short fiction,  ad and documentary films. I have started this journey with Rajesh Singh. Currently editing Deepak Sharma’s feature length documentary. Passionately making my first bengali fiction feature film with a team of around 30 talented and passionate artists and hoping for the best.

Sanjib Nath stagephod

What is your dream/ vision?

Indie films should be equally treated as so called mainstream films in our country.

What difficulties you face as an independent filmmaker?

More than money we need audience. There are so many good independent films but very few audience.

Any fun/ memorable incident?

During the shooting of OPEKKHA, we got so many enthusiast nice villagers around. I was looking for an old used saree with a particular color and immediately they arranged 10 sarees of that color. I wanted one which is torn. One guy tore up one new sharee thinking of fulfilling my requirement!!

Sanjib Nath-stagephod

What advice you’d like to give to someone who is interested/newbie in filmmaking?

I think newbies are going good and in right track with lots of books, movies and ideas. My humble request to oldbies not to sacrifice the art for considering commerce and science.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Like so many other crazy people, I’m also crazy about this four letter word starting with f – FILM

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