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The Video Tailor, as the name suggests, is a video production company and weaves videos according to the needs of the customers. From simple photographs to professional shoots, we cover anything and everything that is related to the field of video and video-making. Our aim is to provide the best of our work to our clients: whether the focus is to promote the company, market the product, or customized video for any specific reason.
We offer many high end services which are only bound to profit the business of the client, and not only attract the possible customers, but leave a lasting effect.
•       Explainer Video: Short professional videos that explain your business in a quick yet elegant way. Animated, these are in the format of two dimension. These clips capture the attention of the new mob, engaging and turning them into potential customers. Having a greater probability to enchant the crowd, the video is short, quirky and fun to watch, whilst still giving the viewer relevant information about the company and the product.
•       WhatsApp Invitation and Gift Videos: These informal videos can delightfully be used to harmonize the relationships between the workers. They can be used to create a common video in the name of the company, and can be forwarded to all the employees, on any occasion like Diwali, Independence Day, Rakshabandhan etc., letting them know that the company cares about them. We also provide Wedding Invitation, Save The Date, Birthdays etc. videos.
•       Product Promo Videos: Especially focused to highlight all the features of the product of the company, the video is directed, scripted, edited, and finalized in such a way that it brings out the best of the product. The best quality of the product is brought to limelight to ensure the current customers and attract new promising ones. It showcases the product in an exemplary way to bring forth its strengths and leave an impression that lasts a long period of time. Certainly is one of the best ways to bring attention to the product, to build an audience and bring in maximum profit.
•       Company Video: This service directly focuses on highlighting the very best aspects of your entire company. It is not just important to make a name for your product, but for your entire brand, and our team of professionals work very best at every step of the way to provide you with better than best. Using your vision and our experience, we create a video which portrays your company with a bright present and a shining future.
•       3D Projection Mapping: Not only does it provide an extra edge on modern technology but it also never fails to amaze and impress anyone. Rather than sticking to the old and boring projections on a white background, we bring you a new form of projection where any surface of 3D nature can be used as a base and changed into displays.
•       3D Holographic Projection: It has been one of the hottest topics in the visual world, and our Prime Minister using it for the delivery of his speech proves its true value. The video is not only displayed, but is done so in a full three-dimensional platform and can be viewed without any use of special glasses or any other aids. Bringing an x-factor like never before, it is bound it leave a lasting memory.
•       Live Events Coverage: Providing the facility of covering live events, we work to give you the best videography and candid photography to make your event memorable. We use expert gears and techniques like Slider, Dolly-tripods etc. to be sure to get the right shots of every single moment of the event. We adapt to different methods for every occasion to use the one most suitable for the function.

We are confident that we can provide the best care for your product and idea. Not only are we dedicated to our work, but we also care and respect your needs and your vision just as much. Together we can work to create an elegant video to highlight your product in the best way, and can learn a lot from the experience.


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