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What is a Readymade Video?

Readymade video is a pre-made video which can be bought instantly (over the counter). Video highlights a human emotion rather than a product feature. If your product/ app/ brand represents that particular emotion, the video conveys the same emotion, you can use that video for your marketing purposes.

Suppose, you need to buy a house because you have to shift next month. But you don’t have time and budget to invest in building a new house from scratch.

What will you do? Buy a ready-made house right?

Brokers productized house building decades ago because then real estate was booming and everyone wanted to own a separate house for them. So it was easy for the customers to purchase the ready-made house and save money on plot + building cost and save a lot of time.

Nonetheless, not everyone was purchasing the readymade houses. If you want a house in your style you can still call the broker and he will arrange man and material for you to make a house from scratch.

Similarly, you can purchase a video that is made on a concept tuning with your brand.

Can a readymade video be used by multiple companies?

No, we transfer all the rights to the buyer and then that video (product) becomes their property.

What are the benefits of a Readymade video for me (company/ organization/ startup/ brand)?

    1. Cost effective – When we create readymade videos, we club multiple videos together and optimize the cost. We transfer this saving to client and hence these videos are very cost effective in comparison to customised videos
    2. Buy the end product – In videos, you have to decide on script  or video maker’s past work which has obviously some amount of uncertainty involved. In case of Readymade videos, you first see the finished product and if you like the video then only you buy. It’s like buying a cloth after taking a trial. So there is no risk and uncertainty involved.
    3. Time Saviour– In the traditional production, you hire a production firm -> explain your thought process -> the production team writes script -> you recommend addition in the script -> the script is finalized -> the production team makes video -> editors edit the video. Then the final product comes out. Now if you want to make a video for IPL match happening in March-April, you have to start the process by December-January. But in the case of Ready-made Videos, you watch the end product first which takes one to two minutes and make a purchasing decision in the next minute. A whole lot of three months work is concluded in few minutes.

How good is the quality of these videos?

These videos are of basic to medium quality depending upon concept, production and actor’s capabilities.

We make high quality videos from scratch which takes time and resources to implement. So if you want a high quality video, we will make it from scratch.

Can these videos be customized?

The last few slides, where information about a brand is given can be customized. But if you liked the concept and want a complete customization, we will make a separate video on your request with better production quality and actors.

How can these videos be bought?

Please send us an email at “ntayal(at)” mentioning the title of video you want to buy.

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