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Have ruthless quality standards. Constantly test your material at 3 different venues at least, different audiences, setups, etc. – Vikram Poddar


Vikram Poddar who worked for 8 years in the corporate sector before realizing public speaking was his calling. Read on to know more about this stand up comic.

Tell us about your life journey in brief?
I worked for 8 years in the corporate sector but always knew public speaking was my calling. Through a combination of Toastmasters, workshops and Vir Das, I ended up in the comedy space. In the last 1 year, combined comedy and corporate to create corporate comedy solutions

Tell us about your team, if you have one?
I am an independent consultant for the Vir Das Company (Weirdass). I work independently with writers and comedians depending on the nature of the engagement.


What type of content do you prefer when it comes to stand-up comedy?
My focus and unique niche is corporate comedy. As the only corporate comedian in the country, it’s always about being a bridge between the corporate and the creative world.

What are your dreams/ vision?
1) To be the Scott Adams of India and to create new properties in Corporate Comedy Globally.
2) To use Comedy as a powerful tool to create a happier, engaged and motivated workforce

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What difficulties you face as a stand-up comedian?
Making clients understand the effectiveness and the requirements of the medium and balancing time between business development, operations, content creation and content delivery.

What motivates you or keeps you going?
Comedy has allowed me to combine all my interests, strengths and experiences seamlessly along the lines of leadership development, entertainment, creative content, etc. anything that allows me to do that is enough to keep it going.

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Any fun/ memorable incident?
At a very sober corporate atmosphere for senior bankers, my opening acts also found it tough but when I went on stage with some Investment Banking and IT references, they exploded. It was very overwhelming to “kill” in a crowd like that.

What advice would you like to give to someone who is interested/ newbie in stand-up comedy?
Have ruthless quality standards. Constantly test your material at 3 different venues at least, different audiences, setups, etc. before you even consider it Kosher. Constantly keep testing and adding new material. And have NO FEAR of bombing. It happens, even to the greatest of comedians.


Anything else you’d like to share?
I see the comedy space going through exciting times. And I cannot see any reason why I would ever quit or stop growing in this field.


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