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The audience only sees what’s on the screen. They don’t care for all the hard work that you put in – Arijit Majumder

Arijit Majumder stagephod

Arijit Majumder learned filmmaking from the films of the masters, especially from the 1940-60’s cinema of the world. Read on to know more about him.

Tell us about your life journey in brief

Hailing from an erstwhile French colony Chandan nagore near Kolkata and currently residing in Bangalore it’s been a constant learning experience through the works of various film makers. I didn’t go to film school, so my lessons were from the films of the masters, especially from the 1940-60’s cinema of the world. Hollywood was truly a golden age then.

What prompted you to become a film maker?

I have grown up watching the works of Satyajit Ray, Mirnal Sen & Tapan Sinha. I was obsessed with the worlds they had created. I wanted to see more of those kinds of films and wanted to create similar world. The more I watched films the more became the urge to create and make films.


Tell us about your team if you have.

I don’t have a team per se, I do shooting, editing, script, screenplay & direction myself. But film making is a collaborative process and whenever I start working on a project I get my actors and team members get involved in the process. That way they become more passionate about the project and feel responsible for their own parts.

How many /what kind of movies you have made?

I have made two shorts (Dissonance & 12:07) and both of them belong to the thriller genre.

Dissonance was about a simple disappearance that became complicated as the investigation proceeded & 12:07 is about a man who gets stuck in his own nightmare!

Both were independent projects. Crime/thriller genre attracts me and I feel comfortable with the plot narration. It provides ample amount of creativity for me to play around with the scenes and help build up suspense. We do not have a lot of financial backing so we have to make most of what is their around us.

Arijit Majumder-stagephod

What is your dream /vision?

My only ambition is to become better with whatever project I undertake.  I make my films with the perspective of an audience who invests his/ her time to enjoy and forget about his/ her own problems.

If I am successful in achieving that, it’s a personal success for me.

What difficulties you face as an independent filmmaker?

A good story can make or break the film. It’s the soul. All the direction & editing & lighting techniques come after that. If you have a good story and have a powerful cast who can deliver, half the battle is won. Being said that, getting proper equipment and building good sound design is always a challenge, so you have to constantly innovate.

The audience only sees what’s on the screen. They don’t care for all the hard work that you put in even if your film turns out to be a bad one. It’s only what’s on the screen that matters. So it’s a constant struggle.

What inspires you or keeps you going?

The sheer joy of creativity. It’s addictive and gives you a high. So many great film makers like George Lucas, Christopher Nolan started out with their independent projects and have struck gold in the industry.  It inspires me to keep going. There are great interviews of directors on youtube. It’s a great watch and you get tons of stuff to learn and make you want to apply in your own projects.


Any fun/memorable incident?

My shootings are always fun. Even if we are shooting a serious scene, we will be in splits moments before. It makes the whole process enjoyable.

One memorable incident was when we were shooting Dissonance:

It was 3am and we were shooting continuously that evening. This one scene required a lot of intensity and emotion and my actor was trying his best then suddenly we hear the sound of loud snoring! My DOP fell asleep on the camera!

What advice you’d like to give to someone who is interested in film making?

Watch a lot of movies, specially the old ones of the masters. They were the pioneers in the techniques in which today’s films are based on. The learning is immense.

And most important, you have to create your own way, don’t wait for people to come, recognize & appreciate. Make efforts to get recognized, your work should be influencing to hold the audience together. Everything has a first time, so go for it. That’s what I believe in.

Here are the links to my shorts:

12:07 –

Dissonance –


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