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Three of us love to entertain people and bring a wide smile on their face – The Teen Trolls

The Teen Trolls-stagephod

Three teenagers studying in 10th grade – Karan , Tarun and Rishabh run a youtube channel – The Teen Trolls. Read to know more these young and talented kids and their channel.

Tell us about your life journey in brief?

So we three are just regular teenagers studying in 10th grade – Karan , Tarun and Rishabh

Three of us love to entertain people and bring a wide smile on their face. We are just three chuddy buddies trying to make people laugh and simply enjoy !

What prompted you to start The Teen Trolls?

Whenever we three went for any hangout or just for chilling we loved pulling out some pranks either among us or with any of a stranger ( with absolutely good intentions ). We then started watching youtubers on YouTube who made such a huge impact on other people’s life. They literally build their own huge family.

So we just went out one day with a camera and started doing random funny stuff at public places.

Gradually we learnt some basics and opened up ! From then on we just go to any random public place on weekends and shoot some pranks.

The Teen Trolls stagephod

Tell us about your team, if you have?

We’re basically a team of three people. We shoot our sleves. Karan edits the videos , and that’s pretty much it !

What is your dream/ vision?

We don’t have any certain or specific dream but we’re aiming to grow our audience so that we can reach out to more people and keep them entertained.

What difficulties you face in making the videos?

The major difficulty we face while shooting some of our pranks is that certain people here in Delhi are very narrow minded and they get offended very easily even when there is no need . Being quite young we lack some resources but we won’t let that be our drawback.

That’s the part of our learning 🙂

And also balancing studies with the YouTube thing is quite challenging.


What motivates you keeps you going?

See whatever you do , you’ll find people criticizing you and also the ones who encourage you. We aren’t talking about constructive criticism. But the positive response and love we get from people is what keeps us going because that’s our basic aim ! Also watching other great  YouTubers motivates us.

What are your future plans with respect to your channel?

We are planning to do a variety of videos now . We also have shot some sketches , rants and stuff.

So apart from public pranks we’ll do a bunch of other genres. but  they’ll be entertaining indeed.

The Teen-Trolls-stagephod

Any fun/ memorable incident?

Ummm ! We did a Pillow Fight Prank back in November ! That’s surely the most memorable one . We had super fun shooting that and we also got featured on Delhi Times’ front page for it. So yeah that’s quite an achievement for us .

What advice you’d like to give to someone who is interested in starting a youtube channel?

All we’d like to say is ” Just Go For It ” . Don’t care about what people say ! Unless and untill you enjoy and love what you do , what people say doesn’t matter at all .

Some of The Teen Troll’s videos


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