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What are Video Ad Templates?

Video Ad Templates are pre-made videos which can be bought instantly (over the counter).

Video highlights a human emotion rather than a product feature. If your product/ app/ brand represents that particular emotion, the video conveys the same emotion, you can use that video for your marketing purposes.

Suppose, you need to buy a house because you have to shift next month. But you don’t have time and budget to invest in building a new house from scratch.

What will you do? Buy a ready-made house right?

Similarly if you do not have much time to get customised video done, you can directly purchase Video Ad Templates.

Can Video Ad templates be used by multiple companies?

No, we transfer all the rights to the buyer and then that video (product) becomes their property.

How good is the quality of these video ad templates?

These videos are of basic to medium quality. If you like any concept, we can make a high quality videos from scratch as well.

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Can these promo video template be customized?

The last few slides, where information about a brand is given can be customized. But if you liked the concept and want a complete customization, we will make a separate video on your request with better production quality and actors.

How can these ad video templates be bought?

Please send us an email at “ntayal(at)” mentioning the title of video you want to buy.

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