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We only had to spend on editing & dubbing and we achieved the best in our limits – Anoop/ Vipul

vipul anoop-stagephod

Read on to know how Vipul and Anoop made a short film in minimal resources and lots of Jugaads.

Tell us about you and your team (if you have) in brief

There is no I but only We(Team Mad In A Talkies). From different backgrounds we come, our passion towards doing something different has made us come under one umbrella. Having made various skits, road-shows and stage dramas during our college days, our interest of taking our talent a step ahead gave birth to what we are known today as(Maddie’s).

How did you come up with the idea of this particular short film?

It’s always difficult to choose between two important events and when it is about dream it is even more difficult. The plot we chose was a situation that takes place in every relationship.

So We thought why not present it in a different way. We just picked the situation and framed in a comic way and presented it at our best.


What all prominent “Jugaads” did you do to make the film with minimal resources?

It was altogether a new team we were about to work with as our other mates were busy. We were on hunt for the cast, crew & technicians for this project.

It was easy finding the  male leads for the project as we have few of our buddies who already were part of our films earlier, but finding a female lead was difficult.

We approached many people for the role but were not paid attention by any. After many rejections one of our close buddy referred a friend of his, when contacted  she was  interesting to work with us  and then it was a one go from then.

We always had a minimal crew as team use to take multiple task and so it decreased our man power, also we had clear ideas on the outcome.

But this time we had our cast also involving into the production support and helping the makers in building the environment and making the best with their inputs at every shot, which not only gave a good output but also was a learning experience.

We were in need of a cinematographer as our mate  was busy during this project. Our college friend who always stood for us took the responsibility and made it easier, helping us with cinematography, screenplay, editing and also developing the story.  All our worries were cleared in a go after he took charge and we were left to attend the little rest.

Locations weren’t our worry as it was a room scene which we already planned to shoot at our friends place and it completed successfully without any disturbances.

We only had to spend on editing & dubbing and that too our buddy’s quoted us very less that we were happy that everything was going our way and we achieved the best in our limits.

Anoop Vipul Stagephod

What recognition did you get for this short film?

After our 2nd short film “ chuttiya.. holidays” failed to entertain, we took time to frame this project and after consolidation of ideas, we made the film taking time to get the best shots as imagined. Our hard work was appreciated in all aspects. From the concept to the cast, we have received lots of appreciation and wishes which boosted us and gave us so much of positivity to proceed further.

We received many suggestions for future projects and also requests to make a sequel for this which we will surely plan after a gap.

What advice with you give new / aspiring filmmakers on making a low budget film?

We are not big enough to advice but still we would have only one line “ Be Dedicated and you will someday surely Achieve your Goals”

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