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You can find people with impressive photograph on social networking sites and approach them – Chandradhar Putta

Chandradhar-Putta-stagephod The Kray Twins

Read on to know more about how Chandradhar Putta made a short film – The Kray Twins in minimal resources and lots of Jugaads.

Tell us about you and your team (if you have) in brief?

Being a story writer, and a director, I don’t have a big team. Earlier, my friend, Adish Despande edited my films. Karan Parekh joined me later as an editor. He always gave me an output better than I had expected. Nikhil Ramchandani, the cinematographer always supported me. Even when he was out f town, he would lend me his camera. The current project’s cinematographer was Bunty Patel, who did a great job. Kevin Jariwala designed posters for the film and the music was done by Kush Kumar.

How did you come up with the idea of this particular short film?

One of my friends, Shahid approached me with the storyline of ‘The Kray Twins’. It is a story inspired from “The Krays” and how they use to create havoc in the city. The main idea behind doing this film is “conning”; besides this we got some ideas from the original “The Krays”. We adapted it according to our country and our lives.

Chandradhar-Putta-stagephod-The Kray Twins

What all prominent “Jugaads” did you do to make the film with minimal resources?

To make a film we require the most important things- Camera; A good PC with enough configurations for Editing. Nikhil Ramchandani supported me all the time and being cinematographer, he lent me his camera whenever I needed it. I had my own PC which had good configurations. Editing and VFX was done at home by me and Karan. For dubbing, I downloaded an app from Google Play store named “HD Voice recorder” i connected a ‘boom stick’ to the phone to record the dialogues. A Boom stick costs Rs 800/- which is a one time investment.

Bunty Patel, Kevin Jariwala and Chaitanya Joshi took help from their friend to shoot at his farm house. There was a scene which had to be shot in a supermarket. I approached a shopping complex and explained my situation. Fortunately, they granted permission.

What recognition did you get for this short film?

This movie really made me reach good heights in filmmaking. When I showed the teaser of my film to some filmmakers of Hyderabad and Mumbai, they offered me to join their team in their current projects at the time.

Chandradhar-Putta-stagephod-The-Kray Twins

What advice will you give new / aspiring filmmakers on making a low budget film?

I’m not big enough a filmmaker, to give advice to new filmmakers but I would surely like to share my ideas.

While planning a shoot for a scene you need a location for which you can approach your friends and close ones. You can find people with impressive photograph on social networking sites and approach them. A PC at home is a basic necessity for film making. A boom stick which costs 800/-; which is very useful for shooting a movie. And a Sony Vegas app for sound mixing and editing purposes. You might require an external light for dark scenes. You can use your mobile flashlight too.

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