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Top Online Video templates by video creation agency

BY stagephod

Top Online Video templates by video creation agency

Why we at Stagephod –  a video creation agency created Video templates for business?

Imagine thisYou need to buy a house because you have to shift next month. But you don’t have time and budget to invest in building a new house from scratch.

What will you do?

You Buy a ready-made house, right?

Brokers productized house building decades ago because clients wanted to own a separate house for themselves. So it was easy for the customers to purchase the ready-made house and save money on plot + building cost and save a lot of time.

Nonetheless, not everyone was purchasing the readymade houses. If you want a house in your style, you can still call the broker and he will arrange man and material for you to make a house from scratch.

Now imagine this:

You want to make a video Ad for your brand but you are not able to think through it may be because you do not have much time to give a mind share to the video creation process. But you know that video is a necessary thing and you must do one as part of your digital marketing

You are procrastinating because you do not have enough time and money to spend on video marketing.

Reason #1. Video marketing budget is quite high

Reason #2. My team don’t have any clue about video marketing

Video Ad templates vs Traditional Customised Video?

Before I start writing about ‘How’ here is a quick recap about who are ‘we’ and what are ‘Video templates for business’. is a video creation agency to create digital videos. We started around 4 years back and are created 100+ videos so for.

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Video templates for business are pre-made video which can be bought instantly (over the counter).

These videos highlight a human emotion rather than a product feature. If your product/ app/ brand represents same emotion as shown in the video, you can buy and use that video for your marketing purposes. 

This is just a definition but from my school time, I was not convinced with the definition alone unless I got to know the background and the solution or benefits of the defined term. Here it is for you…

The idea – Video templates for business by video creation agency

So this thought got planted at the back of our mind. As we watch almost every online digital video ad, we observed that most of the videos are ‘emotion’ based (not directly ‘product’ based) and can be categorised into Online video templates. Brands love to play on simple emotions – happiness, trust, care, safety, rage.

During our expedition, we started realizing that most video ads can be used interchangeably with other brands by simply replacing their name and logo which ultimately will not harm the harmony of the video at all.

For example: check out this online video ad from Vicks

The emotion they covered is “Care” and as Vicks wants to be identified with this emotion, they endorsed this video. Any other brand who wants to play on Care could have used this video.

Then we saw similar pattern and other examples with the same format of promo videos. This set us thinking that, can we create a pre-made video template for business with an emotion and pitch to different clients who are targeting a particular emotion in their branding? If they like the video, they can add their brand and use it.

Benefits for a company/ organization/ startup/ brand?

You must be wondering “Okay, your story is good but what is in there for me?”  Why would a company or a brand prefer Video Ad templates over traditional customized videos? Well, here is why…

Cost effective – When we produce Video templates for business, we club multiple videos together and optimize the cost. How? Because video production cost of x number of separate videos will be x times of the cost of doing multiple videos but when with prior planning, you can reduce the cost. We transferred this saving to client and hence these videos cost less in comparison to customized videos

Decide on the end product (video) and not on a script – In traditional videos, you have to decide the quality of script or video maker’s past work which obviously has some amount of uncertainty involved. In the case of Video Ad templates, you first see the finished product. If you like then only you pay. So there is no risk and no uncertainty involved.

Time Saviour  In the traditional production, you hire a production firm -> explain your thought process -> the production team writes script -> you recommend addition in the script -> the script is finalized -> the production team makes video -> editors edit the video. Then the final product comes out. For example – if you want to make a video for IPL match happening inApril-May, you have to start the process by December-January.

But in the case of Online video templates, you watch the end product first which takes one to two minutes and make a purchasing decision in the next minute. A whole lot of three months work is concluded in few minutes.

Challenges and execution

As they say – Only thinking and not doing gives you mental experience which has no practical learning and hence it is of no use. So we decided to execute what no one has done ever. The major challenges were these 2 Ms…


Video making requires money. It requires a team and requires equipment. It is near impossible to make a video on zero budget. We could not make high-quality videos to start with. So, we started with few concepts we had in our mind and made basic and medium quality videos.


When we discussed the concept with our friends, we got some obvious questions like – how big is the market? What if you will not be able to sell these videos? How many companies will prefer a standard solution and not a customized service? These were the hard hitting questions but we did not rely on logic. We had an intuition that this will make our client’s life easy and we must attempt at least.

Launch and Result

When we saw a clear problem in front of us and we tried to solve it.  The idea was that companies can buy these Promo video templates over the counter if they like (we just need to add their brand name and logo in the end) or if they like the concept but are not satisfied with the production quality, we can re-shoot the entire video with better production quality.

Obviously, not to mention that the product sale was on first come first get basis. A video product can be used by one company only. 

The biggest learning for us in this entire process was that as an entrepreneur, your intuition is like your friends and logic is like Indian relatives :). Relatives question and they are susceptible but practically their opinions do not matter. But your friends will stick with you for a longer time without being judgemental. 

You don’t have to think about the concept, you don’t have to involve in the production process and you don’t have to wait for month long time. Click on this link, watch the Video templates for business by video creation agency. If you like the concept just buy it. Simple!

We have tried to answer some of your questions in our FAQ section.


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