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A practical guide on how to promote youtube videos for free

BY stagephod

A practical guide on how to promote youtube videos for free

Big companies have a good budget to promote their videos through internet marketing or Adwords, but what about new startups and small companies?

They do not have that fund for YouTube paid promotion to garner views and subscribers. It is true that paid promotions can generate views instantly but it is also true that you can make your video popular if you take few proper measures to promote your video content.

Free YouTube promotion is a basic strategy and you do not need a big bank balance for that.

So, how to promote youtube videos for free


YouTube optimization

We have written a complete guide on YouTube SEO where we have talked about the importance of the video title and how it can help you in getting a lot of traffic. Tagging is a very important part of YouTube SEO and you can add as many tags as you like but they should be relevant to your video. YouTube will automatically suggest you to write tags related to the title. Optimization is indeed a helpful approach to making your video discoverable on YouTube and other search results. It is always better to optimize a video before publishing it on YouTube.

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YouTube Fan finder

Fan finder is a channel ad tool through which you can submit a video for your channel ad. YouTube run your video ad for users who have already watched your videos. Make sure video which you are planning to use for the ad is creative and not any boring stuff. To enable Fan Finder, Go to YouTube > Setting > Channel > Fan finder > Enable fan finder > Accept terms > Select your channel ad and you are done.

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Give sharing options

People liked your video, now what? Always add a share button at the bottom of your video to share on major social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Gmail, and WhatsApp etc. Some people are too lazy to find links and to share even if they like videos, putting the share button on such videos will beat the odds.

Add video to your newsletter

According to a recent survey of brain shark, “using the video word in a mail subject line increase open rates by 19%, reduces unsubscribes by 26% and increases click-through rates by 65%”. People who are engaged with your brand are always interested to hear what you have to say. This is one of the easiest and smartest ways to promote your video by sending it to people who are already engaged with your brand.

Pin your videos on Social platform

According to a recent survey “conversion for a tweet is ten times more when it is pinned at the top of your feed”. Twitter has an exclusive feature “pinned tweet” which can help you decide what the first thing should people see when they visit your twitter page. Facebook also gives you this option to display a featured video in the “About” section of your page.

Add attractive thumbnail

You might find videos which are not entertaining but they are quite popular, it’s because they use an awesome thumbnail. If people find thumbnail interesting, they will get curious to know what’s inside it.

Socialize with video

Give a link to your video or embed them in comments or responses of trending conversations. Use your video aggressively on social platforms and not just drop them into your social feeds. Use the right hashtags (through Youtube tag finder) to engage with your followers which will eventually bring viewers to your video.

Promote your videos on your high traffic pages

Promoting your video doesn’t mean that you have to promote it on other channels. You will be having some high traffic pages like your home page and career page, don’t desist from promoting your videos on those pages. The higher the play rate will be, the higher your video is on your page.

We hope this article will helps you in cracking youtube marketing. If you need help in creating digital video strategy for your startup, then get in touch with us now at Stagephod. Submit your video requirements here.

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