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5 Proven ways to make a video Viral on social media

BY stagephod

5 Proven ways to make a video Viral on social media

Viral video content is highly desirable but there is nothing like a top-secret to “How to make a video go viral on social media” and there is no ready made recipe for virality.

Then, how to make a video go viral?

Crisp and sharable content can undeniably benefit your business. A Viral video on social media is a great way to bring attention to your business and is considered by Google as a higher form of engagement than a simple blog or an article.


There is no formula for virality, but you can plan to make your video viral!

When came up with a tag line Bold is Beautiful, they just didn’t intend to create an emotional vibe, but pooled emotions seasoned with their products and they really hit it off with their every campaign receiving affirmative footnotes on social media.

Takeaway from Mytra’s Viral Videos, in one line…

The content is ingeniously short, crisp, timely, involved and enlightening. Besides the content part, marketing is another factor which plays an important role.

In our experience while working with over 200+ startups we have seen that a campaign goes viral by not just garnering new users to the platform but fervently connecting every user with the brand.

Viral video on social media

I am trying to write 5 practical tips to make your video go viral on social media on the basis of campaigns that we have seen breaking records.

#1. Create Viral Video by Keeping it Simple and Short

Remember, we are living in an era where people are expressing their feelings in 140 characters. Create a video not longer than one to two minutes, which is apt for impatient generation. You will lose half of your audience in few seconds if they didn’t like the beginning. So, you need to put something awesome, interesting and fascinating content in the first five seconds of your video.

The video ‘Shop smart with Flipkart’ is mere 51 seconds and have received a whopping million views. They bopped well with the tagline ‘Make your smartphone smarter’.

#2. Better Connection with Audience makes a video viral

This is a time where people would express their emotions through memes or songs. So, keeping that in mind make videos which people can relate to themselves or to their friends. It must be something which people would want to share. People love a good inspirational story or better tell them a story through your video with a wisdom windup whether it is about an overcoming struggle, moving on from a bad relationship or just finding success.

Ever wondered, why every single video of Being Indian gets so many views?

#3. Current Affairs Video can make a video viral on social media

Time to brush up on your current affairs!! Make videos which are based on current events, it will without a doubt push your video to virality. By creating a content based on existing current topic, you will be able to gather a lot more traffic than from outmoded subject. Speak a language which your target audience wants to hear and they will be more prospective to share your video.

AIB did a perfect job by creating a video on Net Neutrality by bestowing each and every fact related to it.

#4. Good Music can help the video become likable

Videos abetted with good music are the most likely to go viral and indeed has the charm to make an average video look great. Videos with incredible music context can truly be a catch on for a number of reasons. Each and every video of Mateusz M video gives you that adrenaline rush just because they are so well canned with great beats. is doing an impeccable job of tapping remarkable music in their videos.

#5. Informative or Interesting

Make your videos informative and interesting, which would certainly make it more sharable. People are always looking for new information and modes to improve their lives.  Virality is created through shares and how easy it is to promote or spread them. Make it as easy as possible for people to spread your video by inserting all social media sharing links.

Check out this viral video from TVF which has been shared utmost on social media.

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