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Text vs Image vs Video: What Engages Audience More ?

Video Marketing Stats say that video is winning the battle but to me stats are boring unless there is a practical story to support statistics. Let me start off with an example of one of the historic moments of Indian Cricket. Remember how Mahendra Singh Dhoni took India to Victory in the World Cup, see how this moment was published at different media…

Text [Print Media]: The way it appeared on one of the top commentary sites:

48.2 Kulasekara to Dhoni, SIX, Thunderous wallop! Start the tuk tuk indeed. A stunning crashing blow to achieve it. It was a full delivery and Dhoni has sent the white ball flying over long-on. Indian contingent have gone mad. The dressing room erupts with joy. Dhoni had a poor batting record in World cups. 34 was his highest. And what does he do? He promotes himself and has played a fine knock to pull this off. Yuvraj envelops him with a hug. What a knock from Gautam Gambhir and Dhoni. Spare a thought for Mahela Jayawardene who unfurled a sublime knock to set up this target. It’s India’s night though. It’s Dhoni’s night. India are the world champions. Source 

I am sure you skipped most of the text 🙂 🙂

Image: This is how the moment was captured through a still camera

text vs image vs video
 Okay, so Yuvraj was dancing? Text didn’t mentioned this.
Video: And that’s how it appeared and is shared numerous times over the internet and social media, Yes a Video of this great moment.

So what is the most effective way to catch attention? We do not think we need to write anything more.
But this was sports, and there is no video marketing involved. Lets do this with a Startup. Here, let me help you with one more real life example from one of the startups – ChaiThela

ChaiThela in Text:

ChaiThela is an initiative taken by two food entrepreneurs. They want to revolutionize the way Chai is being served in India with their unforgettable taste and hygiene standards.

ChaiThela in Image:

text vs image vs video explained

ChaiThela in Video:

So, do we need to say more?
Just think of a concept or discuss with us to unleash the power of Video.  Post your video requirement here
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