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Are you in the depths of despair? Here are top 5 short videos to motivate you

BY Akhil Gupta

Are you in the depths of despair? Here are top 5 short videos to motivate you

When you faced a difficult situation….

When you are in a hole and have no-one to help….

What do you do?

Do you give up and cry in a corner?

Most people do. But what do you do after that? Some go in deep darkness and choose loneliness. They fail to understand the reason of difficulties in life.

Some, on the other, seek motivation to regain their energy. They stand again with confidence to overcome the difficulty.

A motivation story is something which doesn’t just motivate you to move farther in your life but to help others who maybe in more need than you ever were.

Here are some of my favorite motivational videos which I watch to regain my enthusiasm in the most dark situations of my life.

1. 3 Shades (Most Inspirational Indian Short Film)

This video has so many deep meanings hidden inside that you can’t say that the video is just for one purpose. Not only does it question our belief of independence- what really is freedom? But the issue of poverty, the treatment of small children by their family members and the helpers of society who are there to protect i.e. watchmen, police,etc. – not doing their duty. The Indian flag that is so proudly displayed on 26th January is thrown aside as waste on the next day. Many more such questions are brought up in this heart-wrenching short video. This is one video that in your greatest moments of despair should lift you up and make you want to do something right.

2. Goonj Inspirational Story in Hindi by Sandeep Maheshwari

What was the inspiration for starting Goonj- an effort to clothe children? This video reveals the dark inspiration for the start of Goonj. It is literally a scream in the dark and from this video, you could be motivated to move past you own dark times and work for the welfare, benefit of others who are in more need of help and support.

3. Never Give Up ft. Amitabh Bachchan | koshish Karne valo Ki

“Never give up, you can’t give up and run, failure is a challenge- accept it, improve yourself, you have to finish what you have started!” How many times have we heard the same words from our parents, our teachers, family members and from our society? Have they ever made an impact on you? But this video “Koshish Karne Valo Ki Kabhi Haar Nahi Hote” with the Hindi poem voiced by Amitabh Bachchan will pick up a thread inside of you and unravel you to do something in your life.

4. ‘LAKSHYA’ – Motivational video (ft.Narendra Modi)

Do you measure your life in the scale of success and failure? Or are you the person who has an aim in your life and you never looks back at success/failure but looks forward to go and do? This is the message of this viral video. In simple terms Narendra Modi outlines how if you measure your success and failure that will just bring you disappointment, instead you should learn from your failures and move ahead. You should dream to do, not become. You should look for joy when you do your work. You should live for others not just your own self. This video teaches us so many important life lessons in such a short amount of time.

5. Class of Rowdies:

The motivation that all students have something hidden in them and with the support of their teachers they can become so much more is shown wonderfully and creatively in this video. The video is dedicated to all teachers who create empowering spaces for their students.

After the class was transformed with the support of their teacher from a rowdy one to a passionate, kind and respecting one, a girl reads the following lines: “Thank you for listening to us, not giving up on us, for finding the reason for their rowdiness, for giving them a channel for their craziness, for finding a poet in a zombie….” She thanks her teacher for letting the rowdy class become something more, and helping them all discover something in themselves which they didn’t have before.

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