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Stagephod covered by Startup Talkies

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Stagephod covered by Startup Talkies

“Before starting up a company ask yourself, are you ready to fail? If the answer is yes, then go ahead and startup, because whatever you will achieve will be success for you. “

What is your startup about? is an affordable creative video agency for startups/ modern businesses. Be it a company video, product video, web series, a promo video, marketing video, social video, or a client testimonial video. We at Stagephod believe in connecting “emotions to brands”, we come out with video branding concepts and gets them executed through our “Hand picked” filmmakers. We take care of startups complete video branding needs from Concept till final product.

The problem which we are solving are – On one side Stagephod helps startups in creating quality videos in affordable price as they can not afford big media/ ad agencies. It also helps them in consulting about video marketing. On the other side it helps filmmakers to find relevant and frequent work opportunities.

Starting your own company is always a tough task,how and from where did you get the inspiration/motivation to start?

Indeed starting a company is a tough task, Startups, nice titles looks fancy from outside, but bringing clients, making a sustainable business takes a lot of efforts. Stagephod is brainchild of my Co-founder Nikhilesh Tayal. After shutting down his previous start-up CV bhejo, he went back to theatre, this is what he actually enjoyed the most. He used to do lot of plays, theatre during his college days.

While doing this he interacted with a lot of filmmakers and he realised that there is a problem that Competent freelance filmmakers are not able to reach the businesses and businesses are not able to reach talented filmmakers. He saw this as an opportunity, and also this is what he enjoyed. This motivated him further and he created a market place to find filmmakers, and this marketplace is

What is success according to you?

Success is something which is relative, for me, as long as you are enjoying what you are doing and if that can keep you motivated that is success. The moment you start chasing some numbers and do not enjoy the process of building a company, you start losing the fun.

Is your startup funded? If yes,then kindly mention the Investor details. If not,how are managing with bootstrapping?

We are self funded!

What is your vision?Where do you want to take your startup down the line?

Our vision is to become a one stop solution for all kind video content creating/ marketing for businesses. If people think about video creation/ marketing they should think of

In this startup era,lot of employees are distracted with high profile jobs? How do you motivate your employees to stay back? What is the startup culture?

While hiring at Stagephod we do not tell people what they can do for us, but we ask them what are their strengths are and in which area they would like to work. If their strengths matches with our requirement then there is no reason why would the person not feel motivated to work.

If given a chance,how will you bring a change in people’s life with your startup?

There are so many startups out there who are coming with nice products everyday. By creating videos for them, We bring the product closer to the consumer which has a potential to solve their daily problems or make their life easier.

Advice For Young Entrepreneurs?

Analogy from Bhagwat Geeta can be derived here, like soul remains but body is perishable, similarly people remain and the company is perishable. Therefore, always value people in your startup, because if you have them you can form a new company anytime.


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