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Top 10 creative video campaigns from Indian startups

BY stagephod

Top 10 creative video campaigns from Indian startups

74% SMMs use visual content in their marketing campaigns [source].

76.5% marketers claim that videos have a direct impact on their marketing campaign [source].

Which means,

Almost, no Content Marketing Campaign can be done without a visual content, video being the most important part of any content marketing strategy.

Every time a new viral video is circulating on social media, there are many things to learn and execute. Startup founders and marketers weighs the facts on what they are missing in their own marketing campaigns and how they can mend that.

Stats about the importance of video is common, but are you making the most of its potential?

If you think you have missed the social media trail and sneaking out new tips, then you are on-board with me. I am bringing for you the top ten successful video campaigns created by Indian startups.


#1. Flipkart- Shop Smart

Flipkart is known for its contrasting social media campaigns and has successfully grappled so many trustworthy onlookers due to its hearty video marketing. It is not always the idea but the conviction to convert ideas into action and action leads to results that defines the success. Flipkart has remarkably sited its idea in this video how you do not have to punish yourself when you are shopping by hovering from one shop to another.

#2. OYO Room- Independence Day Jai Hind

OYO did an excellent gig by creating a video completely distinct to its product at a time when everyone has an aftereffect of patriotism. You do not always have to make a video dangling around your goods to promote your brand. You can also create nonspecific videos to get emotive forte of your audience.

#3. Ola- Chalo Niklo

Hilarious videos are always a catch on and this got ingrained when this 30 second video from Ola cab got millions of views. This was Ola’s first video campaign and successfully received acclamation from the audience. The video incredibly well depicts the theme to position Ola as an ultimate choice for your immediate and spontaneous city travel needs for cabs, autos and taxis etc.

#4. Jabong- Be You: Anthem

Looking for an awe-inspiring way to promote your brand? How about creating your own anthem and not just basic leitmotif. did a spectacular vocation by creating this video displaying diaspora of style along with remarkable music in the background. Collaborated with London based film, creative and art director Harvey B Brown, the campaign indeed bent a new chapter for Jabong in social media.

#5. Myntra- Bold is beautiful

Creating something on controversial issues is a bold decision and attaching your brand to that takes a lot of audacity. legendary lofted its digital campaign ‘Bold is Beautiful’ for its ethnic wear brand Anouk. The video nabbed the engrossment of social media space and extorted the choices in the lives of the modern Indian women. The video stands out because of the issue emphasized in it on homosexuality.

#6. Cashkaro- CashKaro ke through jao… aur Cashback pao!

As often said ‘Simple is Grace’, extravagantly created a simple video just by splurging the idea they are working on and what they want to promote. The video is a mere 49 seconds but frame-up all the major traits of the brand, the websites they are partnered with and how you can avail cashback by shopping through them.

#7. Paytm- Paytm Karo

The easiest way to make a video viral is by creating a parody of different relations in an eye-catching way. The video categorized itself in a diverse epoch and how you can use Paytm to pay for auto ride, fuel pump, movie booking and to pay the electricity bill. Watch out to stir up your emotions, hearty laugh, and pure adoration. The video concocted in different situations to bring out the message in a single tone.

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#8. No Darr, Find Ghar

The best way to make a video popular is to add hilarity in it and did a sumptuous job by bringing our childhood haunting stories back in this video. We all have heard stories of ghostly houses when we were kids and hit the chord by evoking that for us.

#9. Yebhi- Yebhi karke dekho

Shopping should be done to conquer stress-free outlooks but most people do their shopping in a trauma. Most often, we do get distressed by hopping from one store to another to bear out everything we have on our budget. So, created a video where they gave you a choice to shop at your convenience through their app by fixating out their theme ‘Yebhi karke dekho’. The video got enormous views for how beautifully they aligned the idea with the common problem.

#10. Rent, Buy, Sell- Do It Well

In Indian society, it is really vital to have a home before you think of getting married or even asking her hands from her parents. staggeringly instigated this idea in their video on how a guy solves his trouble while asking her girlfriend’s Father for her hand in marriage. Undoubtedly, the video garnered many views for its simplicity and brilliant ideas.

Video marketing is one of the most noteworthy tools of social media campaigns to acquire users and generate revenue. If you are looking to create a video. Submit your requirement here

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