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How you can beat your competition with Snapchat video marketing

BY stagephod

How you can beat your competition with Snapchat video marketing

You must be wondering how a platform where the content disappears just after 10 seconds of being viewed can be beneficial for your video marketing strategy.

Before we answer that, you might want to know that Snapchat has over 100 million daily active users and shared 9000 snaps per second according to the latest data publicized by Snapchat. 


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With competition constantly increasing on the biggest social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, Snapchat give you unique opportunities in reaching out to your audience. brings you a few tips how Snapchat video marketing can help you in your video marketing strategy and can lead your business to success.

Mobile connection

Snapchat video marketing

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YouTube has 4 billion daily views and more than half of YouTube’s viewers are on mobile but Snapchat receives sumptuous 10 billion mobile video views a day. Mobile viewers make much more sense when we talk about video marketing as with that you get constant connectivity with your followers as they take their mobile devices wherever they go.

Target young audience

Snapchat video marketing

According to a data revealed by Business Insider, 77% of young adult people use Snapchat on an everyday basis and there are whopping 58% chance that they will buy your product if they receive a coupon on Snapchat. So, if your audience belongs to a teen or young adult category, then a Snapchat is the best bet for you. You also have a benefit of grabbing more of a tech-friendly or mobile-literate audience, which is perfect for tapping into your marketing plans.

Create a style statement for your brand

Snapchat video marketing

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Snapchat gives you an opportunity to combine a series of snaps to create a form of story and your followers will be able to view it within 24 hours. You can make it as interesting as you want with unique features, music, emoji, text, and filters. You can even combine your video with slideshows to make it more interesting and engaging.

You can be fun and real at the same time

Snapchat video marketing

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Most of the businesses on Facebook and Twitter share what they want their audience to perceive about them so they generally try to post the content which eventually help them in conversions but with Snapchat, you can be as realistic as you had always wanted. Share snaps of your upcoming events and share anything from the workspace environment to team lunch to teasers. You have a privilege of spontaneity on Snapchat and can share anything you want and be the real you!

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No bragging

Snapchat video marketing

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The best part of Snapchat that you cannot overshare things like you do on Facebook and Twitter. As the story gets self-destruct within 24 hours, so you will be sharing something new every day and your audience will be waiting eagerly for that. Try to upload one story every day so that followers have something to watch related to your brand every day. You can take inspiration from what your competitors are doing it.

Exclusive discount for followers

Snapchat video marketing

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This is an amazing way to get your followers hooked to your brand. As we know, Snapchat stories get expired within 24 hours, so you can host exclusive sales for your audience and they will be super engaged. Make sure the promotional offer is earmarked for Snapchat followers only and the same coupons are not available on other social media platforms.

Personalized Geofilters


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Geofilters are position based overlaps that users can apply to their snaps and customizing them is a great way to create your brand value on a platform where every second is important. You can create and publish your own Geofilters for your any business or private event and your audience can now decorate their snaps with your brand logos, that’s some awesome branding for you.

Target your loyal followers


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Snapchat has a great feature where you can see who see your snaps by selecting an audience inside the Snapchat’s message system. If you are noticing that you have any ardent follower to your brand then Snapchat gives you the liability of sending an exclusive promo code to that person or a great way to give to a selected few that meet the criteria of a giveaway.


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