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8 Video Marketing Myths Busted

BY stagephod

8 Video Marketing Myths Busted

The video is a captivating way to grab the attention of the people and convey your idea religiously. It helps you build an emotional connection with your audience, prompting them to buy your products easily. Video irrefutably helps in earning the trust of the potential consumers besides enhancing your SEO efforts and increasing the conversion rates of your website.


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YouTube gets more than 1 billion unique visitors each month and 4 billion videos are being watched every day. Yet many startups refrain from creating videos because they have been misled by these myths. will hopefully try to clear out some myths with this post.

Video making is expensive


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This is the most common upmarket fence among startups when planning for a video marketing. While it is true that it may cost you a bit higher as compared to your own created videos by a phone. But just think of the returns you will be getting from the success of that video. They will not just create a video, but will also boost SEO and audience engagement. You can talk real conversions with them!!

Only viral videos are effective


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If your target audience is local or specialized then you might not even need a viral video for your business. Instead of focusing on how to create viral videos, you should rather focus on creating quality content for your target audience. The important parameter is the audience engagement and if people are watching and enjoying your video, then half of your work is already done.

Hire famous actors to make your video go viral


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If you have recently watched Kabali and Madari, then you might have understood what we are trying to say? Content will indeed engage the people and you would need more than just a good-looking face for your video. Ever wondered why people change the channel during the time of commercial? Commercial interrupts our enjoyment and impose certain fabricated things on us, whereas a video is something people are always seeking out. So, content undeniably plays an effective and primary role.

Videos should compulsory be short


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It is one of the common myths among users and is taking the marketing strategists by storm. You do not necessarily have to create short videos. It totally depends on the product requirement and how much information you want to divulge to your audience.

My video will get lost in the YouTube Ocean


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With over 72 hours of videos uploaded every minute, you seriously have some strong competition but how many of them think about working on content, SEO, and marketing? People love watching videos and prefer them regularly over text if provided good content. That’s the reason YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. You can also promote your videos on other video hosting sites such as Wistia and Vimeo where you may even out the competition. You can analyze at what point your audience stopped watching your video with various analytics tools provided at Wistia.

Video will take away my lot of time


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Sorry to burst your bubble, but you don’t have to worry about this thing anymore as there are many video professionals in India, which will take care of your marketing, reviewing, ordering and planning, etc. All you need to have is a vision for what you really want to convey with video marketing and rest everything will be taken care of.

Video description does not matter


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Most people make a sin by not including suitable descriptions in their videos and miss an important prospect of reaching out to target audience. YouTube has provided a limit of 5,000 characters for description which you can aptly use to insert your target keywords. Use it to explain briefly about your video, add the link to your website and effective call to action. You can also take the help from video makers to make the best out of it.

Videos are for big businesses

If you are into any business and want to distinguish yourself from competitors, then you indeed need a video to promote your business. They have a great tendency to drive traffic to your website, eventually giving you better conversions. However, we will suggest you that getting conversions should not be your only motivation for creating videos.

Don’t let these myths miss out on the important opportunity your business has to reach out to your customers in a more demonstrative way. You can get in touch with us at if you need to know more about the video making in India.

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