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How you can acquire users for your business through Instagram video marketing

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How you can acquire users for your business through Instagram video marketing

With 500 million monthly active users, Instagram is indeed an effective platform for brands looking to enhance their brand value.

You can also extract and analyze valuable new data about the performance of your videos posted on Instagram and make this information as an important part of your video marketing strategy. Ever since Instagram has rolled out its feature to post 60-second videos, many startups are already making the best out of this social platform. It is also accustomed to some brilliant features like video view counts and slow-motion capabilities.


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Data tells everything

According to a research by Quintly, videos are performing at the same levels as images. The study further revealed that the time spent by users in watching videos on Instagram has increased by more than 40%. 73% of brands post at least one photo or video per week on Instagram. Over 60% of 500 million users log in daily, making Instagram as your impending platform.

Length matters

Many frowns upon the 60 seconds limit put by Instagram but marketers know the value of it. The primary flaw in long videos is that viewership drops off within the first 30 seconds. If the video is just a 1 minute long, then most people who might otherwise leave the video are more likely to complete the video. People who finish watching a video are more likely to have a positive experience and are more confident while buying products from that brand.

Ad space on Instagram

You can buy ad space on Instagram through the ad platform and you can get better prospects to make your brand stand out. If you buy an ad space, your video will appear in the feed of target audience, it doesn’t matter whether they have subscribed to your posts or not (just like facebook). Videos engagement is better than photographs, so you already have an edge over many competitors.

Fair chance

Instead of screening content in chronological order, an Instagram algorithm is anticipated to favor quality content. Instagram has not revealed the exact details on what basis it decides quality, but a colossal analysis by marketers reveals that user engagement is a factor. So, you have a fair chance to create quality content and compete with other players. Creating a large amount of content won’t help but creating high quality will definitely help.

Mobile audience

Instagram is only accessible by mobile phones which make you more reachable to your audience as they carry their phones with themselves wherever they go. If they liked the video, they can instantly share it on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platform. More than half of daily YouTube visitors come from mobile and watching a video on mobile is more comfortable and steadfast.

Better exposure about your brand

Instagram provides more of a personal touch and you can indeed take advantage of that by creating videos based on behind the scenes to tell people what goes into making the products you are selling or what a day at your office is like. Make sure your every video doesn’t have to be promotional on Instagram as it will annoy a lot of users. You can also create testimonials where you can ask your friends and family members to talk about using your product.

Themed video

As Instagram belongs to more of casual users, you have a better opportunity to create a theme based video such as videos on Independence Day, Diwali, and Christmas etc. Hashtags will play an important role in these theme based posts as using the trending tags will let you appear in feeds of people following those topics.

Beautiful filters

Editing is more important in Instagram than YouTube as the length of a video is limited and you don’t want to create an iota of doubt in your brand quality. Instagram has some remarkable filters which can set your video apart from other videos. It offers various options like cover image selection, integration, and editing etc.

Do remember that users who are responding to your videos on Instagram are too social media savvy and won’t easily get entangled in your marketing ploy. You will have to show them only quality content to garner their attention, else your video will most likely to be ignored.

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