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Organizing an event? Read how video can make it successful

BY stagephod

Organizing an event? Read how video can make it successful

Ready to host an event? But did you know that you can amplify the success of your event with the help of a video? The video is indeed a great way to market your event and engage attendees.

They are surely becoming an important tool that enables connection between clients and consumers. With so many organizers creating the videos for the events, event video is definitely in the club of the next big thing. Here are few tips on the kind of videos you can create for your event and make it efficacious.


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Instructional videos

Create how-to videos related to your business and show various demonstrations that are taking place at your event. You can even create short clips for people who missed any part of instructional videos. You can also take help of the live streaming platform for people who might be interested in knowing about your products.


You can also go for a pre-event webinar in the form of video content depending on the size and genre of your event. The best way to do would be to ask prominent people from your event to be your webinar host and the registered audience can ask questions from him. You can also add the experiences of former attendees to speak about their experiences and how that event benefited them.

Video booth

We all have witnessed photo booths in many events, but the current trend is embellished with the video booths whether we talk about personal or professional events. This is a great way to hear feedbacks from your visitors and personal space will allow your visitors to leave a personal message for the guest of honor. You can recycle this content for future marketing prospects and share them in your catalog testimonials aggressively.

Event for app

We understand that every event is not that big enough to create an event app, but if you have a good budget then it is undeniably a great way to boost your informational or promotional videos. Explain every important detail of your event in that including the speakers, no. of attendees and event schedule, etc. The event is not just about adding schedule or integrating maps, you can make it much more exciting and creative by adding video.

Promotional videos

Every event is proposed to gather as many attendees as it can and to be successful in that, you need to show the value your event can bring in the lives of people. The promotional video is an effective way to increase the anticipation surrounding your event and give your guests an insider look at what they can expect from your event. You can also promote your presenters or speakers that are being featured at your event by asking them to submit video clips for your promotional videos.

Prize video

Go to a next level and create a video solely for prize distributions. Announce extraordinarily that you will be giving away gifts to attendees. You can also run contests on Facebook and Twitter where you can ask attendees to participate and claim their prizes in the events. This is the most upright way to garner the attention of people and to get a giant throng of attendees.

Trailer for your next event

Done with the event? Well, start preparing for the next event. No, we are not kidding. Create a recap video for your next year’s event by aggregating the snippets from the various videos you created in this event. Make a great recap video to share with the attendees coming to your event next year.

A few things to remember when creating video for the event

  • Keep it short and try not to exceed any video for more than 10 minutes in length.
  • Don’t forget to add a call to action. Ask them to register for the next event, follow your YouTube channel or register on the website etc.
  • Maintain the momentum by actively posting every video on social sharing sites.
  • Capture special moments for Instagram like people laughing, someone receiving a prize or any awe-inspiring moment.
  • Be authentic and real. Just be yourself.

Get in touch with us now if you are looking to create a video for your event. Submit your requirements here – Yes, I want to create an event video.

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