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How can a video help you raise money for your startup?

BY stagephod

How can a video help you raise money for your startup?

Video pitch is the best bet in the trail of investment it can attract as it gives visitors a better idea of your project.

They will actually be able to see your products rather just reading the description and indulging in whims. Make sure you create a great video pitch or better don’t attempt this if you don’t have an expertise, resources and time for this. An amateur video is not going to convince anybody, but will indeed damage your campaign’s credibility.

It’s really tough on popular crowdfunding sites to get funding as there are other 50 projects simultaneously trying to make a first impression. Here are few tips to help you get investment with the help of video.


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Find a suitable platform

There are many sites catering to the needs of startups where you can fulfill your funding dreams, but each of them caters to a specific audience. If you are into mobile app business, then you can go for AppBackr and you can opt for CauseVox or FirstGiving if you are into non-profit business. 33needs and Buzzbnk will be a great option for you if you have a social angle in your idea. ProFounder is a great bet if you want to get into albeit entrepreneurial or traditional business. IndieGoGo or Kickstarter is the best platform for you if you think your idea is creative and unique.

Create different options while creating a video

The best way of using a video for investment is to create different extracts of the video to share on different platform targeted for the different audience. You might need a final version for Seedrs, a bit longer for your own website, a little bit smaller for YouTube and an uber short version for Vine. These should be categorized in different proportions, one that displays your sale, investment and business, and the other that exhibits your product or brand story.

Categorize your funding into portions

Nobody is going to give you funds in thousand dollars, if they were that flat, they would do in bitcoins. As you break your video into scripting, shooting, editing and marketing, in a similar way, you can break your investment into portions like raising for building a prototype or raising enough for hiring few vocal artists. These requests seem lither and people would want to invest in such cases.

Focus on your successes in the video

You don’t have to make your audience emotional to get funds from them, you can actually influence them by presenting what your business has achieved and win their self-reliance. Show them the awards you have won, recent client success stories and press coverage are just a couple of ways in which you can do this. Make sure that your brand’s essence shines through, which can be done in scripting or in production.

Tell them you have a plan with their money

When asking for money, don’t just talk about funding but instead talk in numbers. Tell them how exactly you will be using their money and give a detailed explanation on each and every expense. You can also describe your video marketing strategy. Keep your version transparent and trustworthy by conveying them where is the money going. This will indeed build trust and credibility in your project.

Present testimonials in the video

Getting people from outside of your business will further validate that your business is a hit among people. You can do this by interviewing people who are using your services and ask them to say few good things about your brand. It exhibits trusts, loyalty, and confidence among people who are watching your video. Viewers who will see value in your business will likely increase the chances of gaining investment.

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