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Running a B2B Business? 8 video marketing best practices you should never ignore

BY stagephod

Running a B2B Business? 8 video marketing best practices you should never ignore

YouTube is arguably the second largest search engine on the web and with its growth, video has mandatorily become a part of today’s buying process- for both B2B and B2C.

As a marketer looking for an engagement and conversions, it is essential to have a clear-cut strategy to include video into marketing and not vice-versa. Like consumers, B2B buyers search for services and suppliers online and that’s where video comes into play. Thanks to search results, there is more than 40% growth on websites featuring videos and there are pretty good chances that your corporate video would make a valuable impression on your future client. Below are some best B2B video marketing practices which you can use to augment your reach.


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Make long-term strategy- B2B marketing entangles developing deep relation with customers and for that, your video should be created in collaboration with the sales team and devised keeping a higher level of involvement as compared to B2B products and services. 83% of B2B businesses are tuning to YouTube as a leading contributor to video marketing, so make your sales team active on these platforms. Create your video to add value to your businesses through social platform engagement that is fuelled by insights and analytics.

Get mobile friendly

The growth of B2B queries sent through mobile phones has grown three times in the past three years. According to research done by REELSEO, 42% of B2B audiences do their research by using mobile phones. Phones have become an important medium in giving lead conversions as part of B2B marketing strategy besides engagement. You can get your video published on active online forums to assist a visitor provided with added features of newsletter, product description and sign up options.

High streaming

Using an online video platform that can stream your video to any device with high quality is the best choice for your business. Brilliant video production can boost your conversion rates dramatically beside call to action and core message. You need to be creative while making your video so that your audience will differ you from others and become your loyal customers.

Production techniques

3D logo is a great way to brand your video, but you should avoid over-branding. If your product is a bit quirky, then you can take an advantage of a time-lapse. Keep sound and music factor as an important one in creating positive ether. You can add a bit of personality with an animation, however, try to be sombre in that.

Define goals

The best strategy to move ahead in any campaign is to set the overall goals and specific parameters. You should have in-depth knowledge of your project, including ROI and conversion goals, which will indeed help you govern success and help set performance standards for future testing. People are more inclined to apposite features and functions of B2B products, the nature of products and services that B2B businesses offer.

Know your target audience

Segment your target audience and not just spam people pointlessly. It is an important strategy in polishing the ideal product positioning and explicit messaging. Delivering video content to target audience will always reap better marketing benefits than using a general message to all your potential buyers.

Instructional guide

Videos that showcase product features are known to hold the attention of B2B audiences. If your company is robust or in any technical field, then a tutorial series can provide a user with an advanced learning, where you can provide them instructions helping them maximize the value they receive from using your product.

Dropbox acquired 10 million users with the help of explainer video.

Testimonial videos

They signify trust, confidence and provide the context of the authenticity of a product review and rating. As these videos feature real, live users, viewers will feel much more confident to get a deal with your business.

You may consider a B2B video marketing campaign as a bit overwhelming but when done rightly it can give you remarkable conversions and business prospects, which makes it worth a try. Do add a video to your next marketing campaign and see what results it can produce for your organization. If a picture is worth a thousand words, the video must be millions.

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