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Top 9 Video Production Mistakes You should be aware of

BY stagephod

Top 9 Video Production Mistakes You should be aware of

Video Marketing can be the best thing to happen to your business, provided if done correctly. When I create any video for my client, my aim is to strive for best results. Having created videos for more than 200+ startups, I have summarized few video production mistakes which most of the newbies are prone to make. 




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Here are 9 Video Production Mistakes We should avoid

#1. Too much compression

I learned the hard way that they all say!!

First and foremost is to make a backup before compressing any video and you should also use lossless compression video codecs. Too much compression can make video choppy, pixelated and blurry or distorted. It will lower the video quality and can break a video.

#2. Not catchy

Keep your video informative and entertaining and keep on adding new elements to grab the attention of the audience. Your audience might leave your video just after 10-12 seconds if your content is not catchy enough. Keep your video short and precise but don’t forget to miss its entertainment value.

#3. Not adding CTA

The primary aim of creating any video is to get more users in terms of subscribers or sales. Adding relevant information is not enough if you are not telling them what to do after watching your video. Don’t just leave them in the mid-way as they may not know where to go to find out more about your offers and how to avail them.

#4. Rough audio

If you want to save yourself from redoing a lot of recording work, then do your homework on creating the best audio for your video. If you are using built-in functions of DSLR cameras, then you can use a shotgun mic or a lavalier or any other type of quality recording microphone to help improve the quality. Make sure you do not distract your audio with poor audio quality and make this common video production misatke.

#5. Forget to track

Don’t just create the video to upload on social media channels but to get the best results of your time and efforts is to track its performance in terms of traffic and conversions. Keep a track of dipping ratio, demography, and engagement. Having proper data would indeed help you refine your next video.

#6. Ignoring the mobile audience

By next year, 64% of people having mobiles will access content through their devices only and mobile videos will scale up to 13-fold in next four years. Do not forget to optimize your video for mobile viewers. Make sure that your video looks great no matter if the viewer is using an iPhone (640px wide) or a large monitor (1920px wide).

#7. Making it too long

If you are making a 4-5 minute long video and the viewer doesn’t like the beginning, then he might stop watching that video an. But if your video is just 1 minute and if the viewer doesn’t like the beginning, then there are better chances that the viewer will finish the video as it is just a few seconds more and yes, that’s where you have your Call to Action.

#8. Creating a chaos

The video is a great way to instigate an emotional connection with your audience. However, a lack of story can be disastrous for your brand. Make it conversational and any powerful message will remarkably help you to garner engagement. If your video is too technical, then find the balance of words so that you don’t end up puzzling your audience and make this one of common video production mistakes

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#9. Doing everything by your own

From hiring actors to checking on CGI/Avatar style video, you don’t have to do everything on your own. The best way to save time and money would be to take help from video professionals in India. They will help you out in your video script, production, making your video SEO friendly and promoting it on social media channels.

Get in touch with us now if you are looking to create a video without making any of these video production mistakes for your business. Submit your requirements here – Yes, I want to acquire more clients through a video.

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