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7 Facebook Video Marketing Hacks You Must Know For Better Conversion

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7 Facebook Video Marketing Hacks You Must Know For Better Conversion

Facebook has over 1 billion daily active visitors and 76% of those users succumb to video content in their news feeds.

In January, Facebook announced that it sees 100 million hours of daily watch time. No wonder, startups that want to be successful and keep up with the platform’s video advertising options, Facebook can give remarkable results to them.

Videos get greater engagement on Facebook because of their visual power. According to a study done by Socialakers, video shorter than 21 seconds has the highest completion rate. So, you need to be really concise with your message. You can even add thumbnails, set an expiration date and restrict audience demographics. Here are some useful tips to plan out your Facebook video marketing


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#1. Create compelling video

According to a research done by Anagard, it is a case of blink or a miss on Facebook. So, if your content is not compelling enough, it will be mislaid in a torrent. This is the most important facet to be roofed while publishing video on Facebook. Create an informative and inspirational content to sway the decision making process of the viewers.

#2. Upload Natively

After facebook announced that it is reducing the third party reach, native videos (directly uploaded to Facebook) get much preference than linked videos as Facebook wants users to stay on Facebook. It keeps users on the site and thus rewarded by the algorithm. Also, when you share a video link on Facebook from other hosting site, Facebook will not auto play the video and instead, it will upshot in a lower quality resolution.


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#3. Don’t forget to test

Try different videos to find out what works best and essentially what converts. You can take help of the audience retention graph to determine where the interest was lost and what captured attention the most. Test everything in your video from the content in your video to the headline used and call to action. Last but most important, test your target audience to evaluate the best viewers who are likely to convert.


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#4. Call to action

According to a statistic revealed by VentureBeat, video boost engagement that is approximately seven times more effective than traditional banners. So, that accounts for a stronger call to action while creating an effective video marketing strategy. You will find this option while uploading your video on Facebook. Make sure that you link it to the right landing page as you cannot edit your CTA once you uploaded it.

#5. Precious seconds

Try to grab your audience’s attention in two-three seconds of beginning or you may not get it at all. Whether it is YouTube or Facebook, boring beginning will be scrolled out easily. Edit longer videos to create the shorter version. For instance, a 10 minute video on how to propose a girl could be edited down to a 2 minute video displaying only important points. Then, you can link that video to your main blog post. You should choose the best frame possible for the still images of your video if you are not using autoplay.

#6. Pay for video ads with optimized oCPM

You may find this costlier than the normal CPM (cost per mile) bidding, but the actual cost will be lower at the end. This is indeed the most remarkable to find viewers within your specified price point when you pay per view with oCPM. It will not just reduce your cost per video view, but will show better insights for the ad. This is a must if you want to target the people who are more likely to take the desired action.

#7. Promote, promote, promote

One of the easiest ways to promote your video is to click on the boost button on the video post. It is much simpler than using the full-featured ad to intensify your content reach. Opt for video views if you are working on your power editor or ad manager. You might hear it many times that creating a custom audience is not required, but it will indeed help you strengthen your future campaigns.

Facebook videos are getting much better engagement than YouTube videos, making Facebook a strong contender. What about you? How often do you post videos? We would love to hear about it in the comments.

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