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How to measure success of your video?

BY stagephod

How to measure success of your video?

Once your video is live to an audience, you will have an inflow of metrics to consider such as how many people watched your video, for how long and how many times.

Video analytics plays an essential role in determining how your video is performing and doing with your audience. But to measure the success of your video, you first need to know the objective of that video and what exactly are you looking to achieve. If you have been yearning to track every probable metric, then I have gathered some expedient metrics to measure the success of your video.


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Play or view count

It is the most basic but deceptive metric for your video and entails how many times your audience pushed play. It is significant to understand how well your audience receives the video, where each play is counted without entangling if a person who plays the video several times or a person who clicks once and only watches for a few seconds. However, you should consider knowing that view is counted differently on different platforms such as Facebook view is counted if a video has been watched for 3 seconds whereas, for YouTube, it is 30 seconds.

Play rate

When you insert any video on your web page, you have two metrics to evaluate- play count and page views. Compare them together and you have play rate. This is the best way to get clear upshot if you have been giving a lot of trajectories to your thumbnails. When audience see your video embedded on your web page or any other social media platform, how many of them actually click the play button? This will largely depend on the thumbnail image you displayed on your video or how best you have set up your page. You can test different thumbnails, then analyze the data behind how many people are actually clicking on the video.


Are viewers watching the entire video? When and where did they drop off? With the engagement data, you will evidently have an idea how engaging your video content is. According to a research done by Decipher Research, a viewer who enjoyed watching a video is 97% more likely to buy the product. YouTube also changed suggested videos strategy a few years back and now suggested videos are based on watch time rather than views. Make your video clear, short and concise and pay attention to your average engagement.

Number of plays periodically

You will notice the number of plays getting moderated over time if the video content is not that enticing whereas if the video content is attention-grabbing, it will be watched and shared over and over again, which will augment the number of views on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This is indeed more meaningful metric than just the number of plays to check the success of your video.


According to Wistia, using a video thumbnail can increase CTR (click through rates) by 300 percent. This is not just limited to email as you can measure click-through rate anywhere you have embedded the video. If you are not adding any compelling CTA at the end of your video, then you are missing out on a huge lead generation prospect. Having this conversion metric can help you craft your future video content strategy to drive action, including subscribing to a channel or clicking on the buy button.

Social sharing

This metric is important to find out how many people are sharing your content across various social platforms. It is a great approach to find out how appealing your video is to your target audience. According to a study done by Nielsen, 92% of consumers opt for recommendations from friends and family members over other forms of advertising when it comes to making purchasing decision. All the major platforms, including YouTube Analytics, Twitter Analytics, Facebook Page Insights make it easy to track engagement. So, make your video shareable by adding social buttons including CTA.

With the help of relevant data, you can compare these metrics to other videos and use that information to see which video resounds best with your audience. Don’t use these metrics to just evaluate the success of your video, instead use it to foster continuous improvement to help direct your video content toward greater accomplishments.

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