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How Twitter videos can make your video marketing stand out

BY stagephod

How Twitter videos can make your video marketing stand out

Twitter is the last thing when it comes to video marketing, but it should not be. Twitter still holds an edge over many other social media platforms, which is something many marketers yet to embrace.

Video on Twitter is comparatively new which means that it is also the best time for you to jump on this opportunity.

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You can directly record a new video from your phone and upload it on Twitter. All you have to do is open the twitter app, click on a Tweet, touch the camera icon and switch your camera to video. Known for its Micro-content, it lets you capture only 30 seconds video, which is great as you lose one-third of your viewers after 30 seconds (revealed by Adage). Here are some tips to use Twitter effectively for your video marketing-

Reply to tweets with videos

The video is an easy and effective way to respond to your audience. It is far more engaging than a simple text tweet you would make to respond. It is also a perfect opportunity for your followers to know the people behind your brand, which is important to make a personal connection. Google also seems to incline toward video tweets as a potential search, so you kind of amplify your visibility in the search engines with twitter videos.

Use Twitter video for events

Twitter works incredibly if you are conducting any event and want to grab a new audience. The real-time tweeting will help you promote your event successfully. Videos on twitter stand out in the striding twitter feed, which will help you garner more attention from people. Don’t forget to use hashtags to strengthen the activities.

Involve your audience

Twitter is more user-friendly as anyone with a phone can upload his or her own video. You can ask your audience to participate enthusiastically by running any event that encourages users to contribute a video. You can entice them with some goodies or coupons for any live show to enhance engagement. Ask them to give a hashtag to the campaign name to increase your brand awareness and followers.

Evaluate the success

With the help of twitter engagement, you can determine how many views your video got, number of retweets and how many people actually engaged with it. With all these factors, you can evaluate the best time to post videos based on the interaction your video is getting. You know what people are liking and what they are not, you can include these elements in future videos.

Create Twitter-specific content

You should create a content that is specifically tailored for Twitter if you want to build some meaningful Twitter following. Don’t make a mistake of cutting out a portion of your YouTube video and using it on Twitter, it will not yield the result as it is anticipated to be. Do remember Twitter is all about micro-blogging, so your video should be in twitter specific template.

Promotion techniques

Be upfront with your message when promoting products and brands. It will ensure that a viewer got your message before a falloff occurs. Tweet short clips of your main event and add links to the main page that summarizes the content of your video to help you with lead generation. You can also use YouTube annotations to create links within a video for longer videos.

Tweet about other things too

You will see a lot more people engaging with your content if it is informative, entertaining and fun. Twitter is so fast that your single tweet might get lost in the upsurge, so you might have to pay a lot of attention to your social analytics. However, it is fair to repeat your tweets a bit, but doing it often will annoy your audience and they will clinch that you don’t have anything new to say.

Take help from an Amplify sponsor

You can use Amplify sponsor to allow advertisers to pair their video ads with real-time TV content and later boost that content to your target audience. It will indeed help expand your reach beyond your existing followers.

So, what do you think? What is your experience of uploading video on Twitter? Let us know.

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