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Facebook Video Template – Get ready for “How is it possible offer? “

BY stagephod

Facebook Video Template – Get ready for “How is it possible offer? “

Thought Process – Facebook Video Template

Shock is an emotion where we lose our consciousness. A near to impossible offer can shock anyone be it a guy or a girl. This is the idea behind this Facebook Video Template.

Video Synopsis

Husband is reading book on a couch and the wife is standing beside him. Suddenly she saw an unbelievable offer on some app on her mobile and the offer was so overwhelming that she was not able to stand and just fell down on the couch, sitting.

Husband in surprise stands up and shakes her to make her come out of her overwhelming unconsciousness. But she remains the same.

Then husband decides to check what is there in the app that she has become like this.

But when he saw the offer, he also falls down on the couch not believing that how even this offer is possible?

Ideal for

– E commerce sale, mobile app offer, a new product/show launch.


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