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This offer will let your Emotions Overflow!

BY stagephod

This offer will let your Emotions Overflow!

Thought Process

The idea is to show a pleasant surprise.

Video Synopsis

A girl is sitting on a chair and her laptop is placed on the table. She is surfing on the internet and simultaneously drinking juice.

Her partner comes and sits on a second chair with the same table and asks her for the juice.

When she is serving the juice, she was looking at her laptop where suddenly she saw an amazing offer and forgets that she is serving the juice.

Her surprisingly happy emotion is clearly visible on her face which is showing her emotion overflow but at the same time the juice in her husband’s glass is also overflowing.

Ideal for

– A website [preferably e-commerce] which has launched an amazing offer or a new shopping portal is launched.

– A product for man is launched for women also.

– A pink [or girly color] mobile/laptop or any other gadget is launched.

– New cosmetic product, offer or discount is coming.


If you want to purchase this video, just drop an email at ntayal[at] or call me at +91-8290072676.

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