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Our Product Can Harm Your Relationship

BY stagephod

Our Product Can Harm Your Relationship

Thought Process

The idea is that husband and wife are trying to outsmart each other for a particular product/ brand/ app.

Video Synopsis

Husband and wife are lying on the bed. Husband is sleeping  and the wife is looking at her iPad while confirming that the husband has slept.

She is looking at some deals/offers at the iPad and trying to hide it from her husband.

But the twist is, husband knows the deal and he was just trying to fool his wife by pretending to be sleeping.

The product is so awesome that the couple is ignoring each other on the bed and they are hiding the product/deal from each other.

Ideal for

– E commerce, Tour and Travel, Apparel sales or offers.

– Gaming to make more score.

– Chat, Dating or Social media apps.


If you want to purchase this video, just drop an email at ntayal[at] or call me at +91-8290072676.

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